High-Pressure Pumps for Offshore Applications

  • Offshore oil and gas applications - Danfoss
  • The extremely harsh environment at sea and the difficult operational conditions and limited space on offshore platforms call for first-class technology to attain optimum performance. The chemical liquid pumps from Danfoss are designed and manufactured to meet these requirements, offering high performance, close to 100 % uptime, compact sizes and unrivaled durability.
    A wide range of offshore processes can be handled by the Danfoss CLP high pressure pumps, including:


    • Methanol or MEG injection
    • Glycol pumping
    • Chemical injection of biocides, oxygen scavengers, scale inhibitors
    • Water/glycol as hydraulic fluid
    • Wash water systems

    Space and weight is limited on offshore platforms. When every square meter and every kilo count, the ultra-compact size of the CLP pumps, less than 1 m3, and the low weight, below 400 kg, allows flexible configuration in almost any offshore application. To protect the marine environment, the pumps can be delivered with magnetic coupling for absolutely leak-free, zero emission operation.
    The Total Cost of Ownership of the Danfoss solution is lower than for any other high-pressure solutions in the market due to the high efficiency and low operation and maintenance costs achieved by the easy assembly/disassembly of the pumps.

    The risk of corrosion in the saline environment has been eliminated by the use of high-grade materials, including the latest polymer and surface treatment technologies.


  • What's in it for You?

    • Self-lubrication
    • Low maintenance costs thanks to its efficient design and all-stainless steel construction. Service intervals of up to 1 year can be expected.
    • Low energy costs due to its highly efficient axial piston design
    • Easy installation 
    • Compact design “Plug and Play unit”
    • Weight and footprint reductions
    • Low pulsation

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