High-pressure Pumps for Subsea Applications

  • Subsea oil and gas applications - Danfoss
  • Subsea platforms for oil and gas extraction provide a lot of advantages compared to floating fabrication – first and foremost in terms of cost savings and reduced environmental impact. The high pressure pump is the heart of the Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit, required to work non-stop 24/7 with outstanding reliability. 

    Danfoss offers chemical liquid pump solutions designed according to the API 674 and 675 standards and optimized for subsea applications, operating smoothly at depths up to 3,000 meters. The pumps for subsea applications are delivered in Super Duplex. The compact and lightweight pump unit guarantees constant operation for six years without service and maintenance. The only lubricant needed is the pumped fluid that keeps the pump running subsea, cycle after cycle. 

    Subsea applications are characterized by limited space and an extremely harsh environment. In the Danfoss product portfolio you will find chemical liquid pumps fulfilling all requirements to subsea systems. The axial piston technology delivers powerful performance and reduces the pump size and weight to a minimum. The use of high-grade stainless steel and carbon-reinforced PEEK from surface to core of the pump ensures complete corrosion resistance when submerged.


  • What's in it for You?

    • Self-lubrication
    • Low maintenance costs thanks to its efficient design and all-stainless steel construction. Service intervals of up to 1 year can be expected.
    • Low energy costs due to its highly efficient axial piston design
    • Easy installation 
    • Compact design “Plug and Play unit”
    • Weight and footprint reductions
    • Low pulsation

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