High-Pressure Pumps for Oil and Gas Applications

  • HPP-Oil and Gas
  • The chemical liquid pumps from Danfoss are designed and manufactured for oil, gas and petrochemical industries seeking reliable, compact, lightweight and durable pumps for extremely harsh environments and hard-to-handle liquids. The pumps can be delivered in 316 SS or Duplex and Super Duplex. Pumps for subsea applications are delivered in Super Duplex. The Danfoss axial piston pumps have been optimized for use in a large variety of onshore, offshore, subsea and petrochemical applications, including:

    • Methanol or MEG injection
    • Dehydration/glycol pumping
    • Chemical injection of biocides, oxygen scavengers, scale inhibitors
    • Water/glycol hydraulic fluid
    • Chemical/technical processes
    • Gas sweeting
    • Produced water injection
    • Wash water systems

    The performance levels of the axial piston pumps from Danfoss are second-to-none providing high reliability and low maintenance costs even under the most challenging operational conditions. The ultra-compact size, low weight and durable materials of the pumps allow flexible configuration in almost any environment onshore, offshore or subsea.
    The Total Cost of Ownership of the Danfoss solution is lower than for any other high-pressure solutions in the market due to the high efficiency and low operation and maintenance costs achieved by the easy disassembly/assembly of the pumps.
    Danfoss has supplied CLP pumps to a large number of companies within the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. All products are supplied with the required technical documentation available online, including approvals and certifications for any market. Training programs and local support help you all the way through specification, installation and commissioning.


  • What's in it for You?

    • Self-lubrication
    • Low maintenance costs thanks to its efficient design and all-stainless steel construction. Service intervals of up to 1 year can be expected.
    • Low energy costs due to its highly efficient axial piston design
    • Easy installation 
    • Compact design “Plug and Play unit”
    • Weight and footprint reductions
    • Low pulsation

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