Pumps and ERDs for Landbased Sea Water RO Applications

  • Landbased seawater reverse osmosis - Danfoss
  • Hotels, nurseries, golf courses, even power plants and many other land-based applications in areas prone to water shortage rely on reliable and energy efficient desalination systems to turn sea water into nourishing and clean fresh water.

    Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) has turned into one of the leading and most cost effective solutions for land-based desalination applications of any kind. The technology is simple and reliable with high-pressure pumps forcing sea water through desalination membranes to create clean fresh water. The solution is highly reliable and easily scalable, built from any number of parallel trains or fitted in containers to accommodate the space available.

    Desalination is an energy intensive process and energy consumption typically accounts for about 70 % of the operational costs of the plant. Danfoss high-pressure pumps are designed to add unrivaled energy efficiency to your SWRO facilities. In fact, the annual energy consumption may be reduced by 50 % when applying high-pressure technology compared to traditional centrifugal pumps. If your SWRO system is run by a diesel generator, the potential for energy savings is even greater.

    The Danfoss product portfolio offers a wide range of solutions that can be used in small, containerized units or in large trains of parallel-coupled pumps and ERDs. Regardless of size and purpose of the RO plant, the Danfoss solution is easy to install and control due to the simplicity of the system with few components.


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