High-Pressure Pumps for Fire Fighting

  • Danfoss offers high- pressure pumps and valves for fire fighting, fire suppression and fire protection. The solutions are designed for more efficient fire extinguishing and minimizing water damage and risk of flooding.

    By applying high-pressure fire fighting systems water is forced through micro nozzles at very high pressure to create a water mist that effectively combats fire. The high-pressure extinguishing gives maximum protection by cooling through heat absorption and inerting the fire when the water expands through evaporation. 

    High-pressure water mist systems provide better fire suppression as well as better protection of personnel and surroundings by minimizing the potential water damage as the water mist evaporates.

    The Danfoss PAH F high pressure pump is especially designed for fire fighting purposes with a flow capacity ranging from 14 to 115 l/min (3.7-30.3 gpm). The pumps are optimized for the use of tap water at temperatures from 2 to 50o C and pressures up to 160 barg (2,321 psig). The PAH F can be configured with all necessary high pressure components, valves, nozzles, etc. from the Danfoss product portfolio to form a complete solution with high reliability and long service life.


  • What’s in it for you?

    • Efficient fire extinguishing with minimized water damage
    • High performance and reliability 
    • High efficiency 
    • Solutions for fire fighting, fire suppression, fire protection 
    • Corrosion resistance

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